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The Final Memphis Bucket List

Memphis Bucket List…The Final Report

Well, I didn’t complete quite as much as I would have liked, I guess that just means I’ll have to go back to Memphis some time in the (near) future!

Beale Street

Blue Monkey

Brother Juniper’s

Cafe Ole

Celtic Crossing

Central Barbecue

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Civil Rights Museum


Drive in Movie Theater

Gibson Guitar Factory



Happy Mexican


Incredible Pizza

Jerry’s Sno Cone

Kooky Canuck


Memphis Farmer’s Market

Memphis Zoo 

Mississippi River Boats

Mud Island


Nike Outlet

Peadbody Ducks

Peabody Hotel Rooftop Party

Pink Palace Museum

Pint Night @ the Flying Saucer

Redbirds Game


Rock & Soul Museum

See a show at Playhouse on the Square

Shelby Farms

Silky O’Sullivans

Soul Fish Cafe

Stax Records

Sun Studio

The Bar B Q Shop

Trivia Night Somewhere (this was an epic fail…but we went!)

Try fried catfish 

Yogurt Mountain


Young Avenue Deli

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"When I cook, I close my eyes and go back to Memphis-my favorite place in the world. I breathe in deep and smell the swine in the air. I see smiles larger than life. I hear the sound of the Blues and Rock ‘n Roll beats from a man the entire world named ‘The King.’ All of a sudden, I find myself inspired by a passion that spans from the Delta to the mighty Mississippi River. Memphis offers that inspiration to anyone who stops to savor every musical and culinary note. We fill our tables with food, surrounded by happy faces as tunes flow through the air like no other place. It’s our way and it’s beautiful."

Claire Robinson, The Food Network

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That went by fast…

So…Its over. I’m in Roanoke once again with my dad and after ten hours, three stops, and two time zones, it has finally hit me that my summer in Memphis is over…and it was fantastic. It definitely did not feel like ten weeks. My last day was very emotional. My kids were not that well behaved but its okay. They made me so many sweet cards and there were lots of hugs (appropriate hugs, of course). The kids in my cottage love Michael Jackson and they spent my last two days asking to listen to music and their dancing is hilarious. They’re actually pretty good but it is so funny to see them let loose. And the best thing is they know all of the words to every one of his songs. It made me realize that no matter how screwed up a child is, and not matter what they’ve been through, deep down, when in the right setting, kids are kids. It makes me happy to leave knowing that even though they are in a treatment facility, my kids are also getting a chance to be children. Leaving was hard because as challenging as they could be, they really are good kids and hopefully when they leave they will really be on the right track. I’m exhausted. Probably a few more posts about Memphis/the trip back and then I’ll probably be starting a new blog (since unfortunately, I will no longer be blogging in Memphis). Even though I’m sad to leave my kids, the amazing YV staff who have also become friends, and the other interns, I still have a lot to look forward to:

  • 1 Week Until Camp Kesem
  • 22 Days until I move into my house in Ann Arbor
  • 28 Days until Kickoff…GO BLUE!

It has been an amazing summer…definitely exceeded expectations. Annnd a commercial for an Elvis special literally just came up on the TV. Is that a sign? I don’t know. But Memphis will always have a special place in my heart.